Stitch Fix #5 Unboxing and Try On- October 2016!

It’s time for another Stitch Fix review!

Check out my YouTube video for my unboxing and try on for Stitch Fix #5!

For those of you that don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it is a service that sends you five items right to your home.  Items can include clothing (tops, pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts), shoes, jewelry, and handbags. When you sign up, you fill out a detailed personal style survey so that your stylist can get to know you.  Some of the questions include certain colors/prints you prefer to avoid, how you prefer clothing items to fit, how much you prefer to spend on items, etc.  Stitch Fix now offers the opportunity to exchange items should you want a different size, which is great!  Stitch Fix is also available for men now as well!

There is a note section available for specific requests for your stylist.  You can leave them a note if you’re looking for a specific item or if you have a specific event coming up that you need styling for, etc.  Stitch Fix also gives you the option to link your Pinterest board to your account so that your stylist can see which pins inspire your style.  How cool is that?!

As far as pricing goes, you pay $20 to have your “fix” shipped to you.  However, should you choose to purchase any of the five items they send you, that $20 gets applied to your order.  If you choose to purchase all five items they send you, you earn 25% off your entire order.  So really the only downside I see is if you end up disliking all of the items, you’re out $20.  What finally made me sign up is the fact that you do not have to receive a “fix” automatically.  You can choose when you would like to receive one.

Stitch Fix also has a referral program. Sign up with my referral link if you’re interested!

Here is what I received in my fix:


The first item I received was a clutch by the brand Street Level.  It is the Juno Small Folded Clutch in the color black.  This item is listed at $38.   I instantly liked this clutch.  It has a lot of pockets but wasn’t overly bulky.  It comes with a strap as well so it could be worn as a cross-body bag.  Perfect for a night out!  I will definitely be keeping this item.


The next item that was in my fix was the Sabrina Yolk Detail Blouse by Papermoon in the color black.  This item costs $44.  I absolutely love the detailing on this top.  It is sleeveless so it would need to be worn with a sweater/cardigan for the fall and winter months.  I like that it can be worn to work, or for a night out as well.

The third item I received was the Arriba Embroidery Neckline Raglan Knit Top also by Papermoon.  This top is in the color grey and costs $48.  I could definitely see myself wearing this top for something casual on the weekends, but the fit was slightly boxy/large on me.  It is my least favorite item I received this month.

The fourth top in this fix is the Poppyton Crochet Bib Top by Collective Concepts.  The price for this top is $58.  I really love the fit of this top, and the unique neckline.  The print is similar to paisley and incorporates blues, pinks, and greens.  It is not something I would have picked out for myself, but is also one of my main reasons for subscribing to Stitch Fix.  I think it’s important to step outside of your box/comfort zone when it comes to your style.

The last top in this fix was by the brand Alice Blue.  It is the Ambriz Pleat Front Detail Blouse, and costs $44.  It is in the color cobalt blue.  I don’t own many things in this color, but I really like it!  The top fit me perfectly, and would be a great item to add to my closet.

I love that the majority of my items could be dressed up for work or nights out, but could also be dressed down for more casual looks.  I don’t mind spending more if it means having versatile pieces to wear.

What items should I keep, and which should I send back?  I would love some feedback!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend…. As always, thank you for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #5 Unboxing and Try On- October 2016!

  1. I ordered a box for my birthday this month then was suggested to be interested in your instagram to see yours- looks great- thanks for sharing! Yes definitely keep the four you love – they do look great on you and keep the casual since it is essentially free with discount, could be gift if you don’t care for it but personally I liked it on you (though I am huge baseball/ shirt fan so I may be biased) 😀

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