Stitch Fix #3 Review!

I received my third Stitch Fix box!!!
For those of you that don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it is a service that sends you five items right to your home. These items can include clothing (tops, pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts), shoes, jewelry, and handbags. When you sign up, you fill out a detailed personal style survey so that the stylist in charge of putting your “fix” together can choose items that would work best for you. Some of the questions include certain colors/prints you prefer to avoid, how you prefer clothing items to fit, how much you prefer to spend on items, and they also have you rank various pictures of overall looks as “hate”, “dislike”, “like”, or “love”.

There is also a note section for your stylist. You can leave them a note if you’re looking for a specific item or if you have a specific event coming up that you need styling for, etc. Stitch Fix also gives you the option to link your Pinterest board to your account so that your stylist can see which pins inspire your style. How cool is that?!

As far as pricing goes, you pay $20 to have your “fix” shipped to you. However, should you choose to purchase any of the five items they send you, that $20 gets applied to your order. If you choose to purchase all five items they send you, you earn 25% off your entire order. So really the only downside I see is if you end up disliking all of the items, you’re out $20. What finally made me sign up is the fact that you do not have to receive a “fix” automatically. You can choose when you would like to receive one.

Stitch Fix also has a referral program. If you’re interested in signing up for your first box, I would love it if you used my referral link!

For my third fix, I asked my stylist for mostly tops that I could bring with me on my honeymoon. I wanted tops that are great for the summer, and some that I could wear to work (business casual). I received four tops, and a necklace.

The first top I received was the Melcon Lace Up Back Detail Blouse by Papermoon ($54). I loved the colors and print of this blouse, but unfortunately it was two sizes too big. So this one will be getting sent back.

The next top I received was the Atami Lace Sleeve Blouse by Brixon Ivy ($48). The color is a really pretty fuchsia shade, and I thought the sleeves were adorable. But this top was also just a little too large for me.

I also received the Garland Keyhole Halter Blouse by Papermoon ($44). It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but the color is a gorgeous royal blue. The fit/ cut was perfect for me. Definitely my favorite top from this fix!

The last top in my “fix” was the Canni Gathered Back Knit Tank by Papermoon ($38). I love the stripes, and the style of the back, but it’s just slightly larger than I would prefer to wear. I love the material and how light-weight it is, so it was disappointing that the fit wasn’t right for me.

The last item I received was the Leighton Metal Bauble necklace by Bancroft ($34). I LOVE everything about this necklace. Most of my jewelry is silver, and I’ve been trying to add gold pieces to my collection. I will definitely be keeping this one!

My total for all five items came to $218. If I were to purchase all five items, I would get 25% off my order ($62) which would bring my total to $156. Minus the $20 styling fee that I’ve already paid, my total would be $136 for everything.

Even though this wasn’t a perfect fix for me, I still love this service. It is so fun; I love having a stylist choose pieces for me!

Thank you for reading!

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