Scheduling Another Stitch Fix?

Ok, so you may be thinking to yourself… What is Stitch Fix? Turns out it is such a fun service if you enjoy receiving new, trendy items for your wardrobe!

How does it work?  You sign up, and fill out a detailed personal style survey so that the stylist in charge of putting your “fix” together can choose items that would work best for you.  Some of the questions include certain colors/prints you prefer to avoid, how you prefer clothing items to fit, how much you prefer to spend on items, and they also have you rank various pictures of overall looks as “hate”, “dislike”, “like”, or “love”.  There is also a note section for your stylist.  You can leave them a note if you’re looking for a specific item or if you have a specific event coming up that you need styling for, etc.  Stitch Fix also gives you the option to link your Pinterest board to your account so that your stylist can see which pins inspire your style.  How cool is that?! Stitch Fix recently added men’s items to their service as well… so if you have a significant other that is interested, you can receive credit for referring them!

As far as pricing goes, you pay $20 to have your “fix” shipped to you.  However, should you choose to purchase any of the five items they send you, that $20 gets applied to your order.  If you choose to purchase all five items in your box, you earn 25% off your entire order.  So really the only downside is if you end up disliking all of the items, you’re out $20.

What finally made me sign up is the fact that you do not have to receive a “fix” automatically.  You can choose exactly when (and how often) you would like to receive one.  Some people choose to receive one every month, or every three months, but I schedule mine pretty randomly throughout the year.

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I recently received an email from Stitch Fix telling me that they would waive my $20 styling fee for my next “fix”.  Should I schedule one?? Leave me a comment, and let me know about your thoughts and experiences with this service!

If you’re interested in trying this service out for yourself, here is my referral link.  (Disclaimer: I do receive a credit if you sign up to have your first Stitch Fix shipped using my link.)

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