Walmart Beauty Box- Winter 2017 Unboxing and Review!

Today I have my Walmart Beauty Box for Winter 2017 to review!

Watch my un-boxing video to find out what was inside!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Walmart Beauty Box, it is a quarterly subscription service (every 3 months) that costs $5.00. The box is shipped directly to your house, and comes with several beauty/skin care prodcuts that are typically sample-sized. To learn more about this service/ to subscribe, visit their website:

The box is definitely themed for winter from the snowflake-covered box itself to the products included inside.

The first product I noticed in the box this month is a Deep Moisture body wash by Dove. It is a travel-sized product. I have used this product before, and I do have to say that I did like it. I do enjoy getting travel-sized products because they are perfect for weekend trips, so this will definitely get used up.


The next item in the box is a deep moisturizing lotion by Aveeno. The sample is on the small size (only 1 ounce), but it’s a perfect size to throw in your purse. I have tried this product as well, and I do like it. It is fragrance free which is great, especially to put on at work.img_6395

Also included in the box is a MoistureSmooth Color Stick by Neutrogena. It is in shade “Almond Nude”. It’s a perfect shade for every day use. This crayon smells amazing!! Just like peaches! I’m hoping that it really does moisturize because lip crayons typically dry my lips out.

Next prodcut is the Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer by Curel. It is water-activated so it works best when applied right after showering. The product claims to immediately absorb and be completely greaseless. I haven’t tried this item before, but I’m looking forward to seeing if it really works! Also included with this sample is a coupon for $4.00 off a full-sized bottle. If this product ends up working for my skin, I can definitely see myself purchasing it!!img_6392

I also received Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak by the brand Village Naturals Therapy. This bath soak contains eucalyptus, spearmint, and menthol. I’m not really a “bath” person, but in addition to using it for baths, the package also recommends using the soak in a foot bath which would work perfectly for the times I decide to give myself a pedicure.


The last item included in the box is a sample of Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Straightening Shampoo, Pre-Condition, and Conditioner. I have never tried these, but I always like trying out new shampoos/conditioners. I tend to use Sulfate-free products (and this one is not), but once in a while, it is nice to change up the hair care routine. The samples are for one-time use, so I do wish I could have received a larger sample to be able to try them more than once to see if it’s a product I really like/ if it’s worth purchasing.img_6393

That sums up my Winter 2017 Walmart Beauty Box. Clearly, this box is all about keeping your skin moisturized during the winter! If you received a box, let me know which products you received!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thank you for reading!!

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