Boxycharm- December 2016

Check out my review on my Boxycharm for the month of December! For those of you interested in finding out what Boxycharm is, check out my previous blogs or Boxycharm’s website.

To watch me unbox my Demcember Boxycharm:

The theme for this month’s Boxycharm is “Makeup on Pointe”.

Here is what I received in my box this month:


The first item that I received is a Metallic Liquid Lipstick from OFRA ($19.90).  This is in the shade “Napa Valley”.  I have several of Ofra’s Liquid Lipsticks, however I don’t own anything in this shade.  Definitely out of my comfort zone, and not an “everyday” color, but I think it’s fun to try shades/ products that you wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself.


I also received the Brilliant Eye Brightener from the brand Thrive Cosmetics ($24.00).  This product is designed to highlight, brighten, and open the eyes.  It says it can be applied to highlight the inner/ outer corners of the eyes, above or below the brow bone, and on the waterline neutralize any redness.  The color can best be described as a champagne/ pearl shade.


The next item included in the box this month was a Beauty for Real Lip Revival Scrub ($14.00).  Perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing the lips.  I know I will gets tons of use out of this product during these winter months when my lips tend to become extremely chapped and dry.


Boxycharm also included a nail polish by Butter London ($15.00).  The nail polish is in the shade “Ruby Murray”.  The deep red is the perfect shade for winter.  So glad Boxycharm decided to include this product in the box this month!


The last item in the box is the Eyeshadow Palette by Pure Cosmetics ($50.00).  The palette includes 12 different shades.  I haven’t tried any eyeshadows by Pure Cosmetics, but the palette looks extremely similar to the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay.  The swatches of the shadows seemed to be pretty decent, however, based on the price of the palette, I would probably rather purchase the palettes by Urban Decay for just a few more dollars.

The overall retail value of this box came to $122.90! The value of the box always outweighs the subscription fee of $21.00 per month!  If you’re interested in subscribing, check out Boxycharm’s website:

Thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂

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