Stitch Fix Promotion!

Stitch Fix Promo!

Have you ever wanted to try out Stitch Fix?  If so, now is the perfect time.

Please check out my previous blog to find out what the heck Stitch Fix is!

Stitch Fix is currently running a promotion! The promotion is for anyone that wants to sign up for their first “fix”.  If you use my referral link when you sign up, and schedule your first “fix” to arrive by 11/12/16, we BOTH earn $25 in credit!! 🙂

Feel free to check out my previous blogs for my last four Stitch Fix reviews!

My First Stitch Fix:

My Second Stitch Fix:

My Third Stitch Fix:

My Fourth Stitch Fix:

If you’re thinking of signing up, I would greatly appreciate if you used my referral link!

Let me know if any of you have questions.  Thank you for reading!

*Disclaimer- I am not sponsored by Stitch Fix.  Everything has been purchased with my own money.

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