Ipsy Bag- July 2016

I know this is a little late, but I always get requests to do Ipsy blogs, so here it is for the month of July!
Here is what I received in this month’s bag:

The item I was most excited to see in the bag was the Excessive Lash Mascara by Makeup Forever! Ipsy did an awesome job including this item because Makeup Forever is one of my all-time favorite makeup brands, and mascara is one of my all-time favorite products to use.  I’m excited to give this mascara a try–maybe it will become a new favorite?!
The next item in this month’s bag was a nailpolish by Trust Fund Beauty.  The color is difficult to describe, but it’s a very light/dusty pink shade (I think?).  It doesn’t look the prettiest in the bottle, but I have a feeling I’m going to love it once it’s on my nails.
I also received an eyebrow pencil by J-Cat Beauty in the shade “brown”.  Eye brow pencils aren’t really something that I ever use, so I will pass this along to a friend.
I also received a Get Glossed Hair Serum by Eva-NYC.  I love Eva-NYC as a brand, however, serums and oils are something that I make sure to stay clear of since I have naturally have oily hair.  So this item will also get passed on to a friend.
The last item that came in my Ipsy bag this month was an eye shadow by Mellow.  The shade is a neutral/tan shade with shimmer.  It is definitely a shade that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.  Hopefully it’s long-lasting!
I also redeemed some of my Ipsy bonus points this month for a lip gloss by Juice Beauty in the shade “natural”.  It’s very glossy, but the color is perfect for everyday use.  I’ve only used it once so far, and it stayed on longer that I thought it would.
All in all, not bad for only $10 per month! Let me know what you received in your Ipsy bag this month!
Thanks for reading 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag- July 2016

  1. I have the same nailpolish from my Ipsy bag. I agree. I almost couldn’t decide if it was more pink or lavendar. That’s even after having it applied to my nails. It didn’t last but for three days without chipping. I do wash my hands a lot and don’t apply lotion enough to my hands. (It smears my magazine pages lol). – I’m uncertain about the Mellow brand eye shadow. I haven’t tried it yet. In my mind I was sort of hoping for something Urban Decay or Pacifica again. I was surprised that I liked the Pacifica eye shadow. Great look at the products. Thanks for sharing!

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