My First Stitch Fix!

I received my first Stitch Fix today!  Stitch Fix is a subscription service that includes clothing (tops, pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts), as well as accessories (shoes, jewelry, handbags).  Included in each “fix” are five items.  Stitch Fix also includes a style card with pictures/ ideas on how to style the items you receive.  One of the best parts of this service is that you do not have to sign up for recurring “fixes”.  You can choose to schedule a “fix” whenever you would like to, which I think is just awesome.

When you sign up, you fill out a detailed personal style survey so that the stylist in charge of putting your “fix” together can choose items that work best for you.  For example, you can choose prints/ colors you like or want to avoid, how you like things to fit, and how much you would be willing to spend on items, etc.  There is a general note section for your stylist that allows you to request specific items, or ask for styling for a specific event, etc.  My favorite part of the personal style survey was that you are able to link a Pinterest board to your account that your stylist is able to view to see which pins inspire your style.

You pay $20 to have a “fix” shipped to you.  Should you choose to purchase any of the items that are sent to you, that $20 gets applied to your order.  Stitch Fix will give you 25% off your entire order if you choose to purchase all five items that you receive.  Stitch Fix includes a bag for you to return the items that you do not wish to purchase so they make it very simple and easy.

For my first “fix” I asked for mostly tops that I could wear to work (business casual setting).  My stylist sent four tops, and a piece of a jewelry, and I have to say, she nailed my style right on the head! I love all of the colors and styles that she chose for me!  All of the tops are even in petite sizes, which is exactly what I need!

I received the Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff by Zad.  This item is priced at $28.  Typically, bracelets are too large for me, but this cuff is adjustable which is great! It has a mix of silver, gold, and rose gold, and I don’t own anything like it.


I received a top by Papermoon called the Wiliam Blouse.  This one is priced at $38. At first I saw this and thought the stripes are a little out of my comfort zone. It is actually one of the main reasons I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix- a way to get me out of my comfort zone and try things I normally wouldn’t try.  I really LOVED the back of this shirt too!



In my “fix” was the Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse in off-white.  This top is $44. I tend to stay away from off-white since I’m so pale, and I should have put that in my note to my stylist, so I will remember to do that for next time. But the style of the shirt fits me perfectly, it is a great staple item for a wardrobe, and the tulip sleeves are adorable.



The next item I received in my “fix” was the Wynn Blouse by Papermoon.  This top is listed at $48.  It is a teal-green with white. It fits me really well and would be a great top to wear to work.



The last top I received was a sleeveless top by Daniel Rainn called the Albado Crew Neck Blouse. This top is priced at $58 which is significantly more than I would ever spend on a sleeveless top, but it is SO cute! The print is perfect for spring.



The total for all five of my items came to $216.  Then with the 25% discount, the total would come to $162.  Minus the $20 I’ve already paid, my total would be $142.

Let me know what you think I should keep, and what should I send back! This is much harder than I thought it would be!

Stitch Fix also has a referral program. If you’re interested in signing up, I would love it if you used my referral link!

My overall thoughts on Stitch Fix… It was really fun to have someone pick out items that they thought would work for me. What made it even more fun was having a stylist who really listened to my personal style survey and was then able to pick out items that are perfect for me!  The items are definitely on the pricey side, so it is not something I plan to order every month.  I do think it is fun to splurge once in a while and try something new though!

If any of you have subscribed to Stitch Fix, let me know which items you received, and what your thoughts were! Thank you all for reading!

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11 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix!

  1. I just received the Wilam blouse in my lastest fix and kept…luv it. I have also received the Bastille tulip sleeve blouse (diff color) in my 1st fix…I kept that one too, luv it! I have also received the Abaldo crew neck blouse 2 fixes ago…it was super cute but did not look good on me. I agree with you it’s perfect for spring/summer! I love the blouses from Papermoon, they are cool and light, great prints, and affordable! I suggest you keep what looks best on you.

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    1. I really wanted to keep all five items! I figured maybe I’d like one or two things, but I was so wrong ! As much as I love the crew neck blouse, it’s just a little too pricey. The tulip sleeve blouse was one of my favorites but off white isn’t always the most flattering on me, so I think I’ll end up sending it back. I can’t wait to see what I get in my next “fix”. How many fixes have you received? Are they always this great?!


      1. I’m gong on my 6th fix, and NO they are not always all great. Especially if you have multiple stylist! I’ve yet to receive the same stylist twice, even though I’ve requested to keep the one I thought picked great items for my taste. I guess it depends on that. I will be trying out their maternity line for my next fix ( just found out I’m expecting) so we’ll see how that goes 🙂

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