My Bridal Shower

Hello Everyone!  I apologize for the lack of blogs in the last few weeks.  This past month has been overwhelmingly busy- with both my own wedding stuff, as well as things related to one of my closest friend’s wedding!  My friend is getting married 6/18 which will also be my first wedding I get to be a bridesmaid in. I still can’t believe it is less than one week away! It just makes me that much more excited for my own big day! Official count is now down to 62 days!!!

Within the last few weeks, I helped host my friend’s bridal shower, and also had my own bridal shower.  Both went perfectly.  My mom was generous enough to host my shower at at a local restaurant here in Rochester (Pomodoro for any of you that may be familiar with the area).  We chose  to go with the brunch route.  I would highly recommend to anyone planning a shower- I think the guests at my shower truly enjoyed the location and the brunch options.  My mom also bought a cake from a local bakery- almond flavor with raspberry filling.  Not only was the cake gorgeous, but it was delicious too!  For favors, we decided to go with homemade soap bars placed in organza bags with tags “From Kaili’s Shower to Yours”- compliments of Pinterest 🙂  My fiance’s sister makes soap as one of her hobbies so it definitely was helpful to have her around! She made 3 different scents- lavender, lemongrass, and cucumber kiwi.  It was a total hit with the guests.

We played two games throughout the shower so that the guests could win some prizes.  My bridesmaids were in charge of putting the prize baskets together, and they did an amazing job.  The first game that was played was “Who Knows the Bride Best?” where the guests answered trivia questions about me.  The second game was “Guess the Bride’s Age” where there were 12 pictures that guests had to guess my age in each picture.

We also had purple vases with fresh flowers for the centerpieces on each of the tables.  We knew we needed a clever way to give those away so we decided to go with the game called “Find the Groom”.  My bridesmaids and I taped a picture to the bottom of each guests’ chair.  Seven out of the eight guests at each table had a picture of a different celebrity (Ryan Gosling, Shemar Moore, Scot Eastwood, etc.), however one guest at each table had a picture of my fiance taped under their chair.  The guest who had my fiance’s picture under their chair won the centerpiece and was able to take it home with them after the shower.  The guests had a blast with this game!

When planning my shower, we had a hard time choosing which games to play, but both went over really well at the shower and I think everyone had fun with them.  My fiance came at the end of the shower to help me thank everyone for the generous gifts.

I’m definitely not one that enjoys being the center of attention, but I had an absolutely amazing time at my shower.  I am so thankful to my mom for hosting, and for my amazing bridesmaids for their help too.  It was so nice to be able to see family and friends, especially ones that I’m not able to see as often as I would like to. I think actually having my shower is what really allowed the fact that my wedding is 2 months away to really sink in.

Since my fiance’s family is from a different town, I will be having a second bridal shower (hosted by my future mother-in-law), as well as my Bachelorette party at the end of June.  My fiance’s family is much wilder and crazy compared to my family, so I’m pretty excited to see what that weekend will have in store for us! I’ll be sure to keep all of you posted!

Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Mom and Sister (Maid of Honor)
Table Setting
Fireplace Decorations
Soap Favor
Champagne & Rum Punch Station!
Best Wishes for the Soon-To-Be Mrs.!


Centerpiece Winners!





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