4 Months Until We Say “I Do”!

With exactly 4 months until my wedding, I figured today was the perfect day to begin writing my first blog.  When I became engaged (September 6, 2014), and we set our wedding date of August 13, 2016, it seemed so far away.  Everyone told me to enjoy the engagement—it flies by.  I can now confirm that they were all telling the truth.  Between completing my Master’s program and the wedding planning process, I’m still not quite sure where the past year and a half went…

For those that have experienced working full time, going to grad school part time, and planning a wedding all at the same time, you understand the feelings of pure exhaustion.  Luckily for me, my sister/maid of honor and my mom are the best wedding planners I could have ever asked for.  I can honestly say I’m not sure what I would do without them.  I can also say that I would not have half of the wedding planning completed that I do now without their help.

Those that know me know that the sooner plans are set, the calmer and more relaxed I feel.  With the help of my sister and mom (and my loving fiancé of course!), we had all of the major wedding planning completed relatively soon after becoming engaged.

A little recap of some of the wedding plans:

The first item on my “to-do” list was to pick a date.  As far as choosing a wedding date, we knew we wanted to pick a date that had some sort of sentimental significance.  We first looked at my parents’ anniversary, which unfortunately did not fall on a Saturday.  Next we looked at Dave’s parents’ anniversary, but again, did not fall on a Saturday. So we put choosing a date on hold for a little while.  One night while eating dinner at my grandmother’s (whom I refer to as “Nonna”), I asked her when her anniversary was.  She replied with “August 13th”.  Her relationship with my Nonno was one that everyone admired—and exactly what I hope for in a marriage.  I pulled out my cell to check the calendar, and sure enough, August 13, 2016 happened to fall on a Saturday.  We knew that was meant to be.

Next step: choosing a venue.  I scheduled numerous tours to look at venues located in Rochester, NY.  There were some venues that after visiting Dave and I knew right away that it just wasn’t the venue for us.  On the other hand, the day we took a tour at Deerfield Country Club, we knew that was going to be the place we said “I do”.  Deerfield had August 13, 2016 available, so we booked!

Next steps were selecting our vendors (photographer, DJ, videographer, bakery, florist, etc.)  Saying I enjoyed the vendor-selecting process is an understatement.  Wedding planning has truly become my favorite hobby.  But one of my highlights of the planning process so far (as I’m sure many can relate) was finding my wedding dress—a moment I will surely remember for the rest of my life.  I was lucky enough to be able to share that moment with my mom, my sister, as well as my grandma.  I can’t wait to wear it in just a few short months, but I am even more excited for my husband-to-be to finally be able to see it.  We decided to go the traditional route, and therefore, he will not get to see it until my dad is walking me down the aisle!

As I mentioned, most of the wedding plans are set.  However, the next major step we have is choosing our honeymoon destination! We are so torn.  We are leaning towards an all-inclusive in Mexico, Jamaica, or Costa Rica.  We are also considering cruise options.  Does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations?!


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